Hi folks, I'm Robert James, founder of RWJ Extreme Fitness and inventor of these products.

It all started because of an injury that I got while lifting heavy dumbbells in the gym.

If you ever tried to lift heavier dumbbells into starting position for an incline dumbbell press, then you will understand.

It's not always convenient to have a training partner, so I needed to come up with a way to train heavy without a partner to spot me.

So after about 6 years of building and testing about 15 different prototypes, I designed a six in one weight bench for holding dumbbells and a bar, that I patented and trademarked as the Smart Bench for Dumbbells.

Then soon after that, I designed and patented a less expensive alternative that could solve the same problem and I call it the Smart Spotter for Dumbbells.

That's not all though. I also had been having other issues that limited me from doing conventional barbell squats, so I had to come up with a way to work my legs without putting a heavy load on my back.

So I invented a simple belt squat machine that I call the Belt Squat Tower.