• Smart Spotter for Dumbbells/ USA


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    Smart Spotter for Dumbbells, designed and patented by RWJ Extreme Fitness, LLC.

    Made in USA. 

    Design features:

    It works with all portable free weight benches.

    It can be used for incline, flat, or decline dumbbell presses.

    It has height and width adjustments for people of all sizes.

    It can hold up to a pair of 200 pound dumbbells, round or hex shaped.

    Please note additional details:

    Product dimensions at base are 45 x 45 inches.

    Product weight is 160 pounds including pallet. 

    This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

    We currently have a limited supply of Smart Spotters, so if the website allows you to make a payment, then we will proceed with your order.

    Note: As of now, the only color options are a black and silver color combination.

    If we run out of inventory, then you will not be able to pay for your order. 

    If this happens, then notify us and we will place you on a list to contact once we re stock inventory. 

    All sales are final.

    See terms at the bottom of the page for warranty and further details.

    Thank you!

    Please call or text with any questions at 321-543-9414.